Ace Brown and the Baffled Buffalos
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Genre(s) Country Funk
Years active 1981-1992 2008-Present
Location Calvert
The Gap Band, The Headhunters, Jimi Hendrix, Bobby Humphrey, Jeff Bates, John Berry, Big House, Foster & Lloyd.
Together under the Moon, Funky in the Country, Grooving till Dawn, The Party Lives On.
Other Releases
A Funkabilly Christmas
Ace Brown, Jim Foxworth, Lloyd Baxter

Ace Brown and the Buffalos are a Country Funk duo based out of Calvert, Texas. This troublesome trio is made up of Ace Brown (Vocals, Keyboards), Jim Foxworth (Bass Guitar) and last but not least, Lloyd Baxter (Guitar).


Ace Brown formed the Baffled Buffalos in 1981. They threw Country and Funk, an unlikely combination, into the blender together, creating a revolution. As well an entirely new genre, they also won the hearts of the groove movement spawned many years earlier in the late '60s. With the new music, they brought new trends of fashion which began to take off.

After only 3 albums, the band started to fall apart. On April 2, 1990, Baxter was found dead in his Housten apartment. It was later concluded that he died of drug abuse. While the band tried to keep it together, their fourth album, entitled "The Party Lives On", was met with much failure. The Band disbanded in 1992.

2008 ReunionEdit

Brown and Foxworth rejoined under the Baffled Buffalos again in 2008, releasing a Christmas Special album, including their renditions of popular Christmas Carols.