Banning (or Jailing) is the act of expelling a member of the community either permenatly or for a short time. This action is taken after careful consideration by Sysops.

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Reasons for banning Edit

Spamming Edit

It's okay to advertise, but mass emailing users about yourself, your band or your music could get you banned for a maximum of three months, depending on the extent of the spamming. An instant ban is placed upon users who advertise for products unrelated to music.

Vandalism Edit

Sysops should carefully examine Vandalism on a case by case basis. Some "vandals" are mearly new users who have not yet figured out how to use the wiki. If it is obvious that a user is indeed a vandal, he will be banned indefinetly from the site.

Flaming Edit

Who doens't get mad every once and a while? You can express your emotion freely here on the Garage Band Wiki, but it can be taken too far.

Repeated personal attacks on users, threats or the like, will get a user banned for a maximum of five months.

If the user comes back the wiki, his first offense of flaming will get him banned indefinetly.

Jail Bars

Breaking the Graffiti Wall posting rules Edit

See Rules for posting on the Graffiti Wall

Furthermore Edit

Sysops should never abuse their power to ban. With great power, comes great responsibility. Sysops should review minor offenses personally, and should consult with other sysops before banning on a controversial issue. They should counsil other users, and answer any questions they may have. If the users and the sysops have a good relationship, the wiki will flourish.