“Bean Burrito from Hell”
Bean Burrito From Hell
Single released by Famosiz
Released: April 1, 2008
Recorded: 2008
Genre: Industrial Rock
Length: 4:23
Label: Crap Weasel Records
Producer(s): Paul Thomas
Famosiz's Chronology
Last Single: Dwight's Speech (2008)
This Single: Bean Burrito from Hell (2008)
Next Single: The Cat Rap (2008)

Bean Burrito from Hell is the name of the third single by electronic/alternative rock band Famosiz. The song's angry industrial rock sound is countered by the bizarre lyrics about a bean burrito which presumably gives its eater intestinal discomfort.

The song samples Nine Inch Nails' songs "Closer," and
"Closer to God." The single's cover is also a parody of Nine Inch Nails' live album And All That Could Have Been.

Track ListingsEdit

  1. "Bean Burrito from Hell" - 4:23


The song was originally slated for the now-canceled Price-Check on Aisle 3 EP, but was pulled from the track listing at the last minute. Paul Thomas has hinted that it might appear on future re-releases of the EP. Famosiz has also confirmed that it will not appear on their debut album. Thomas has even cited it as one of the weakest Famosiz songs ever released, stating, "It was more of a test then a legitimate song. We were experimenting with industrial rock. I guess every band can make a mistake or two."

Despite being labeled as a "CD Single" on the cover art, "Bean Burrito from Hell" has never been released as a tangible single.

Famosiz is offering the song for free on their MySpace page.


The other day I decided to get a bean burrito,
Boy was I for a nasty surprise...

Now I look back on that bean burrito and realize I was truely unwise

Burrito from Hell!

I was hungry it was just a simple mistake,
Quit laughing, what would you've done?

Now I've learned my lesson:
Bean Burritos are No fun!

Burrito from Hell!

References and External LinksEdit

Famosiz's MySpace

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