Dark Spark is an American Hard/Classic Rock Garage Band based in High Ridge, Missouri. The band is unique in that the entire band is made up of children, as well as having two lead vocalists. This hasn't stopped them, as they are currently recording their first studio album and have played in local spots in the High Ridge and St. Louis areas.

About The Band Edit

DS was founded by Brendan Wren and Brett Utes in Fall of 2007, with Brett doing Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals, and Brendan taking Lead Guitar and Vocals. Both Brendan and Brett do Vocals for the band, but Brett performs the majority of the songs. Brendan's sister, Alexandra, joined soon after she became aware of the project, with drummer Justin Halleman and Bassist Alec Maglione joining in February of 2008. The band also has Faith Reynolds as Band Manager, and Luke Reynolds doing Sound Effects and lighting.

Brendan Wren- Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals.

Brett Utes-Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals.

Alec Maglione-Bass Guitar.

Justin Halleman-Drums, Backing Vocals.

Alexandra Wren-Keyboards, Backing Vocals.

Luke Reynolds-Sound Effects.

Faith Reynolds-Band Manager.

Songs Edit

Sweet Victory, David Glen Eisley- The original song by David Glen Eisley, along with a new verse and a slightly different guitar solo.

That's What Love Is, Brendan Wren- An almost rockabilly song with lyrics and guitar parts written by Brendan. This song also features solos for every instrument, including Vocals.

Chaos, Brendan Wren- A Hard Rock song with a crushing riff, solid drum rhythm, and an excellent bassline.

War Pigs, Black Sabbath- Cover song from Black Sabbath's Paranoid Album.

Hells Bells, AC/DC- Cover Song from AC/DC's Back In Black Album.

It's A Long Way To The Top (If You Wanna Rock N' Roll), AC/DC Cover song from AC/DC's High Voltage Album.

We Will Rock You, Queen- Cover song from Queen's News of the World Album (Album version played without solo).

Paranoid, Black Sabbath- Cover song from the Paranoid Album.

Iron Man, Black Sabbath- Cover song from Paranoid Album.

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