David Scott Brown is a singer with a great voice. At least that’s what everyone says when he sings. But a great voice is not enough. It is easy to think of scores of great singers who didn’t have great voices.

David Scott Brown is a singer with great heart. But, frankly, one could say that about contestants on the television talent contests. Hmmm…. Not enough.

David Scott Brown is a singer with eclectic interests. Don’t put him in the pop corner, just jazz, only Broadway, solely Bossa Nova, or stuck in a bluegrass, country, or rockabilly rut. The world of music is too enticing. So there’s goes the quest for a commercial niche.

It could be said that he, while writing this bio about himself and pretending to be objective, wishes to be different from the struggling crowd of singers and musicians placing themselves on the music market, as lambs to the slaughter, their egos and expendable income on the line. He could tell you that he has years of experience learning singing in classical and choral settings, and more experience in learning life both in the country and the city. And he has a repertoire of hundreds of songs, from Johnny Cash to Sinatra to Paul Simon, with all the diversity of music that he can manage. It could be said that David Scott Brown aspires, as we all do.

After a series of concerts in various styles in 2007, he is polishing some music with fellow singers and instrumentalists. David Scott Brown has a story to tell.