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Bass Guitar

The bass guitar is similar in appearance to the electric guitar but has a longer neck, a larger body and usually 4 strings. it is also played primarily with the fingers or with a pick. Like the electric guitar, different string combinations on the bass have been devised. Bass guitars can be found with 5-strings, 6-strings, 8, 10, 12 and 15-strings.

Acoustic Bass

The acoustic bass guitar is a hollow-bodied guitar similar to the acoustic guitar, but larger. Acoustic basses are available with frets, fretless and some are semi-fretted. They usually have four string but there are models with more strings. Because acoustic bass guitars are quiet most acoustic basses have pickups so that they can be amplified.

Bass Guitarist of the Week

Krist Novoselic is best known for being the bassist in the alternative band Nirvana. He has also played for a number of other bands. Novoselic is well known for playing Gibson basses while in Nirvana. He is know with the band Flipper. Krist is known to have been influenced by the bass players Gene Simmons and Paul McCartney.

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