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Acoustic Guitar

Guitar 1
An acoustic guitar consists of a hollow wooden frame, usually with a round soundhole. The neck / fretboard are attached to this along with 6 strings. A variant of the acoustic is the the electro-acoustic guitar. They feature pickups which enable the player to amplify and modify the raw guitar sound. There are several subcategories within the acoustic guitar group: classical guitars; steel string guitars, twelve string guitars and the arch top guitar. The acoustic guitar group also includes other unamplified guitars such as the acoustic bass guitar.

Guitar of the Week

Gibson Custom 1958 Les Paul Standard Reissue ”Plain Top”
The 1958 Les Paul is the guitar that made the Gibson name legendary: not many guitarists were into Les Pauls...until the late 60's guitarists such as Eric Clapton and Jimi Page started playing Gibson Les Paul models, and its sound has fascinated generations ever since. By 1958 all Les Paul Standards and Customs came with two humbucking pickups. Up until 1957, the guitars had single coil pickups.

Electric Guitar

Electric Guitars use pickups which pick-up the vibration of the steel strings and is then amplified. The signal from the guitar can be changed using different effects before being amplified. Some of the most notable electric guitar makers are Gibson, Fender and Ibanez. Similar to acoustic guitars, different types of electric guitar exist, such as; hollow, and semi-hollow bodied, four-string, seven-string, twelve-string and double necked guitars.

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