The Graffiti Wall is a page where users can post pictures and write messages.

Format Edit

Font Edit

When posting messages, feel free to use a different font than the standard text. See Signatures for an example on how to do this.

No Obscene Speach Edit

This is a family website, and obscene posting on the graffiti wall will do little more than get you Banned.

No Obscene or Graphic Images Edit

We hate pornography, and ANY kind of obscene or graphic image posted on the wall will be deleted, and the poster will be banned.

No Personal Attacks Edit

There is nothing wrong with a little trash talk, but keep it in good fun. Threats, personal insults and the like will be deleted.

Advertising Edit

A user may wish to advertise himself, his band or his company on the wall as long as such an advertisment directly relates to music.

Deletion Policy Edit

DO NOT delete other posts unless it is one of the following:

  • Exessive Profanity or Obscene Speach
  • Overtly Racist Comments
  • Pornographic Images
  • Extremly Violent or Hateful Images
  • Spam (Advertisments for topics unrelated to this wiki.)
  • "Screw up posts". (Posts that alter the page, are too large or run into someone elses post.)

Be helpful Edit

And fix syntax errors whenever you see them. After all, we are a community working together.

If the wall becomes too large Edit

It will be archived and a new wall will be erected. Please DO NOT try to archive the wall yourself. This is the job of admins only.

See the list of archived walls below: