“The Cat Rap”
The Cat Rap
From the album You Can't Take This by Famosiz
Released: May 5, 2008
Recorded: 2008
Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop
  • 2:50 (Original Mix)
  • 3:29 (2008 Remix)
Label: Crap Weasel Records
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Producer(s): Paul Thomas
Famosiz's Chronology
Last Single: Bean Burrito from Hell (2008)
This Single: The Cat Rap (2008)
Next Single: N/A

The Cat Rap (Also known as The Cat Rap (Featuring Y.T.G.) or The Cat Rap (2008 Remix) is the fourth single (and second tangible CD single) by the alternative rock/hip-hop band Famosiz. The song is a comedic rap song about the various types of cats told from the view-points of two different cat lovers (One is portrayed by Paul Thomas, the songs singer and writer, the other is protrayed by the fictional rapper "Y.T.G." whose voice is actually Paul's voice, only digitally deeper).

The song samples "Voodoo People" by The Prodigy (The riff in question was actually based on an earlier Nirvana riff), and a cat screeching. The cat sound was made by one of Paul's own cats, on a trip to the vets office. The sound was captured on a cell-phone and then converted to .mp3 format.

"The Cat Rap" has proven the most successful out of all of Famosiz's singles.

Paul Thomas has stated that "The Cat Rap" will appear in a remixed form on the band's debut album. The only main difference vocally will be the subtraction of fictional rapper "Y.T.G." Thomas has gone on the record stating, "Although the 'Y.T.G.' concept was originally funny, too many people didn't get the joke, so I decided to remove him from all future pressings and remixes."

Track ListingsEdit

Initial ReleaseEdit

  1. "The Cat Rap" - 2:50
  2. "The Cat Rap (Instrumental)" - 2:50
  3. "The Rain Song" - 3:33


  1. "The Cat Rap" - 2:50
  2. "The Cat Rap (Instrumental)" - 2:50
  3. "The Rain Song" - 3:33
  4. "Oranges" - 2:06

Limited Re-PressingEdit

  1. "The Cat Rap" - 2:50
  2. "The Cat Rap (Instrumental)" - 2:50
  3. "The Rain Song" - 3:33
  4. "Ryan Started the Fire" - 3:57


Some are skinny
Some are fat
Some just like to eat

But one thing
We all know
They just can't be beat

Some are noisy
Some are quiet
But most like naps

Even in a shoe, perhaps

Some act tired
Some act wired
Some bounce off the wall

But most act hungry
When it comes
To the dinner Call

We're taking about cats

Some are fluffy
Some are fuzzy
Some have tons of fur

But one thing
We all know
They just love to purr

Some are playful
Some are happy
But most like their space

So think twice
Before ya poke one
In the face

Some are hunters
Some are gathers
The instint of a cat

But most act hungry
When it comes
To the nice juicy rat

We're taking about cats

Fluffy kitties
Fat old kitties
Calico and Blue

Raccon stripes
& Persians too

Purebred felines
Halfbred felines
Common alley cats

Even fierce bobcats!

& Burmese too!

You probably know that we love cats...
Do you?

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