The Open Interview
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
Years active 2007 - Present
Location Hassocks
Sufjan Stevens, Panic at The Disco, Incubus
Dream On EP
Other Releases
Mat Carter, Syd Bor, Sam Becht, Owain Davies

'The Open Interview' is a British alternative rock band from the small village of Hassocks, based around the prinicple of creative music and poetic lyrics.

History Edit

Ophlyne Edit

All four members of the band previously played in a punk rock band named 'Ophlyne' (but at different times). When lead guitarist Syd Bor left this band, him and then bassist Mat Carter began to write music together, dubbing the project 'The Open Interview'. This music was primarily acoustic and, when electric, featured drum loops and synths.

Full Band Edit

Ophlyne split up September 2008, due to Mat wanting to spend time on The Open Interview. With almost an album's worth of material ready, the band recruited drummer Owain Davies and guitarist/keyboardist Sam Becht to join their ranks.

Dream On Edit

A project the band now look on as being a waste of time, in October 2008 the band recorded an EP named 'Dream On'. This was rushed however so the recording quality was not the best. The band plan to use all the tracks on the forthcoming debit album.