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“You Can't Take This”
Parody Heavy Metal
Album by Famosiz
Released: August 25, 2008
Recorded: 2008
Genre: Electronica, Hip-Hop, Piano Rock, Alternative Rock
Length: 61:08
Label: Crap Weasel Records
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Famosiz's Album Chronology
Last Album: What is This Song All About?
This Album: You Can't Take This
Next Album: N/A

You Can't Take This is the name of the debut album by electronica band "Famosiz."

Recording and ReleaseEdit

The band worked on "You Can't Take This" for several months. Originally the album was going to be released by "The Eight Centimeter Skrewz," but this idea was abandoned. The earliest demo sessions included multiple songs that Paul Thomas has stated will not appear on the album including, "What is This Song All About?" and "The Future of America." Thomas has stated that the reason this songs were not featured on the album was due to the fact that they were poorly made, and "Frankly, Famosiz doesn't want to re-record them at the moment."

Famosiz set the release date to August 25, 2008. On the album release day, the album was met with high critical acclaim, but low album sales. Only about 50 CDs were handmade, but only 10 of them were successfully sold. Famosiz gave the remainder away.

Track ListingsEdit

  1. "Intro" – 0:22
  2. "Famosiz Corporate Anthem" – 2:01
  3. "You Can't Take This!" - 4:09
  4. "(The Dance) The Jam Pt. I" – 3:33
  5. "Ryan Started the Fire (Extended Mix)" – 4:30
  6. "The Cat Rap (2008 Remix)" – 3:15
  7. "Kurt Cobain" – 3:13
  8. "(The Dance) The Jam Pt. II" – 5:38
  9. "Burkina Faso (The French Song) (LP Version)" – 3:40
  10. "B.S. (Aneurysm In My Brain)" – 3:29
  11. "O-Town Foreva!" – 2:54
  12. "Intermission" – 0:51
  13. "Monday (Crappy Monday)" – 4:25
  14. "(The Dance) The Jam Pt. III" – 2:32
  15. "No Sleep 'Till Ottawa" - 3:21
  16. "The Confessions of Satan" – 1:22
  17. "Kampfire Sawngs" – 4:07
    • I. "Ode to Shiloh" – 1:30
    • II. "Wonderwall" – 1:43
    • III. "Ode to Shiloh (Reprise)" – 0:54
  18. "The Office Theme (Famosiz Remix)" – 1:57
  19. "(The Call That Changed) My Destiny" – 2:07
  20. "Theme from Forrest Parque" – 2:19
  21. "Audio Biography" – 1:23

B-Sides & OuttakesEdit

  • "The Distance" (Cake Cover) - 2:58
  • "Brain Stew" (Green Day Cover) - 3:04
  • "Welcome to the (Drum) Machine" - 1:57



  • Paul "PT" Thomas - Lead Vox, Computerized Synthesizer, Guitar, Unitar
  • Katie "Kat Dizzle" Doolittle
  • Kelli "Chopstyx" Doolittle - Live Dancer, Guitar
  • Olivia "O-Pain" Paine - Lyrics, Rhythm Keyboard
  • Jeff "Jefferfinkle" Doolittle - Live Dancer
  • Ally "Crasin" Bittner - Lead and Back-Up Vox, Lyrics, Trumpet
  • Anna "A-Dub" Stone - Lyrics

References and External LinksEdit

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